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Passionate about public and playful spaces

Atmosphäre was born 20 years ago from the passion of a group of young entrepreneurs convinced that furniture for public spaces is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a heritage bequeathed to citizens, future generations and the city that hosts it.

Better-thought-out, livelier environments.
We believe that tomorrow's public space will offer more opportunities for exchanges, encounters and experiences. It will be greener, smarter and more inclusive. Street furniture plays an essential role in this everyday experience. It gives the area an identity, inviting young and old alike to identify with it and enjoy it.
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You're not alone with your project.
Atmosphäre has acquired unique expertise in both design and technical aspects. We can offer creative solutions for all kinds of needs and tackle the most complex challenges with confidence. Always in tune with the latest trends in interior design, we offer our customers support, from conception to completion, and after-sales service that matches the quality of our products.
Let the designers' imagination run wild.
Atmosphäre offers the world's best in urban furnishing. With a rich catalog of the world's finest manufacturers, Atmosphäre feeds the imagination of thousands of architects, landscape architects and other design professionals to create innovative and remarkable indoor and outdoor spaces: parks, public squares, auditoriums, childcare centers, sports complexes, universities, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and more.
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People at heart.
All our projects are the culmination of user-centered thinking, and are based on the conviction that it is possible to improve the quality of life of the members of our communities while respecting the architectural, natural and commercial setting of neighborhoods and communities. Atmosphäre has also adopted a set of values and social responsibility that places "people" at the heart of its concerns.