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Our favorite 2023 projects

The Atmosphäre team is proud to have been part of your projects in 2023.

To end the year on a high note, our team presents the Atmosphäre advent calendar: a compilation of 9 favorite projects!

Here are our team’s 9 favourite projects:

Domaine du Boisé, Boischatel

Stéphane Sylvestre‘s Favorite

“Discover Domaine du Boisé in Boischatel: a 4-season park with an “Atmosphärique” touch! Atmosphäre has created a 10-station hebertism track in Robinia wood by Kompan, dynamized by a strategically placed timer.

An outdoor “street workout” area with sand dressed surface allows use in all weather conditions. QR codes on the structures provide tips for safe sessions.

Hats off to the Town for its training sessions supervised by health professionals and Mr. Claude Martin, Recreation Director, who encourages citizens to stay in shape!”

Asselin Park, Longueuil

Lisa MacLeod‘s Favorite

“Climate change is mainly due to greenhouse gases. Everyone has to contribute, but it’s the big global companies that really have the power to change things. In 2014, Kompan took action by reducing its carbon footprint. After numerous studies, they found that 80% of emissions came from their raw materials.

For example, the Greenline range, created after 8 years of research and development, uses post-consumer waste such as textiles, packaging and fishing nets to make sustainable, playful structures. In collaboration with the independent firm Véritas, Kompan quantifies the reduction in carbon emissions per kilogram of material.

By choosing Greenline for Asselin Park, the City of Longueuil is showing that it is taking concrete action for a healthier future for generations to come!”

Parc des Coccinelles, Laval

Geneviève Brouillard‘s Favorite

“The Zone Vélo Découverte in Laval’s Parc des Coccinelles is without a doubt one of my favorite projects of the 2023 season! Watching my daughter excel on this course this summer was pure joy.

This innovative concept enables children aged 3 to 12 to learn to ride a bike in complete safety, while having fun at the same time. My daughter loved the rocking sections and the 180-degree turn.

The course can even be used by toddlers on bicycles without pedals.

During my visit, I was impressed to see how children of all ability levels were able to ride the circuit with so much fun and challenge!”

Parc David-Lefebvre, Montreal

Carolina Kalik‘s Favorite

“I love the David-Lefebvre park project, because the equipment selected is designed for seniors and teenagers alike. Multi-generational fun to keep the whole family in shape!

There’s a wide range of possible exercises, from cardio to strength and balance. Montreal’s Sud-Ouest borough has broken new ground by being the first in Quebec to purchase Kompan’s new Fitness Force range: easy-to-use outdoor training equipment, as we know it from indoor gyms.

We no longer have any excuses not to move, all year round, even in winter!”

Hamilton Park, Rosemère

Jonathan Bergeron’s favorite

“The Parkitect modular Pumptrack at Parc Hamilton in Rosemère is a revolution in the world of outdoor sports. Innovatively designed, this pumptrack offers a unique experience for bike, scooter and skateboard enthusiasts!

The modular installation allows easy adaptation to different skill levels, offering a diverse playground for users of all ages. The story behind this project reflects the city’s commitment to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, strengthening community ties.

As a technology and sports enthusiast, I particularly appreciate the fusion of innovation and fun that this pumptrack offers, creating a dynamic and attractive space!”

École François-Thibault, Bonaventure

Xavier Rochette‘s Favorite

“This is the now-famous multi-sports field at École François-Thibault in the René-Lévesque school service center.

This sports infrastructure is a multi-purpose solution designed to provide a multifunctional play area suitable for a variety of sporting activities. Playrite’s Matchplay2 surface, measuring over 1,800 square feet, ensures long service life thanks to its needle-punched polypropylene fiber composition.

The project includes a number of customization options, such as colors, lining, anchor inserts for tennis and badminton, a pedestrian gate and the addition of Kompan galvanized steel multi-use goals.

The story behind this project highlights the school service center’s commitment to developing a distinctive and innovative play space for the children of the school and the borough. In short, another fine project from Atmosphäre!”

Parc Roger-Rousseau, Montreal

Nadège Tréhudic‘s Favorite

“The self-cleaning sanitary unit installed at Anjou’s Roger-Rousseau Park is the future. I’m proud of it, because it offers an odorless, clean and pleasant experience for the user.

The crying lack of accessible, free, clean and inviting sanitary facilities is omnipresent today. Each installation is a step towards a service that meets the essential needs of everyone, without discrimination.

With each use, the user is the first of the day! Swept, cleaned, dried, free of waste or odors, the interior of the unit gives you a safe, disinfected place to be at any time of day!

Consumables are monitored remotely, water consumption is adjustable: we’d like to see this in every public space! It’s possible, because a version that can be built into an existing building is available! An efficient product that will soon become a must-have. ”

Raymond-Bourque Arena, Montreal

Sonia Guillemenot‘s Favorite

Raymond-Bourque arena, now with over 50 years of service, has been given a makeover with a major upgrade.

Atmosphäre found a solution perfectly suited to the project with our award-winning Fusion by Hussey seat with its high leg. Thanks to its sturdiness, comfort, ergonomics and installation flexibility, the Fusion seat is up to any challenge!

Why was this high jamb so important? That’s the ingenuity of this project, and my favorite part! Thanks to its high jambs, it was possible to install warm air diffusion systems from the engine rooms directly under the seats. The recovered heat emitted by these machines is then diffused under the seats instead of being expelled outside.

Not only are you pleasantly comfortable, you’ll be warmer too! A great innovation, and all to the delight of our fans!”

Parc Zotique-Racicot, Montreal

Maryse Sauvé‘s Favorite

“What a joy and privilege to be able to create such an inspiring playful space, while showcasing eco-responsible and inclusive products!

The landscape architecture concept for Zotique-Racicot Park is flamboyant! The choice of bright colors on the floor illuminates and highlights the nobility of Kompan’s Robinia wood, drawing the toddler’s eye to multiple graduated challenges and hours of fun!

A first FSC and Greenline-certified Robinia project for the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville! Congratulations to the entire team and to the borough for its innovative approach! ”

Atmosphäre wishes you a fun-filled holiday season full of laughter and magical moments!

Please note that our offices will be closed from December 23 to January 7 inclusively.
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