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Modular Pumptrack – PARK Edition Fun and games. Exhilarating. Safe.

Modular Pumptrack – PARK Edition

By : Parkitect | Distributed exclusively by Atmosphäre in Canada

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What is a modular Pumptrack?

Parkitect ‘s Modular Pumptrack is a closed course made up of a succession of bumps and banked turns that allow the user to pick up speed thanks to the action of his arms and legs (flexion/extension) and to shifts in his center of gravity linked to anterior-posterior balance. The basic idea is that you never pedal in a Pumptrack.

Specifically designed to create as much fun as possible per square meter, Pumptrack’s ultimate goal is to enable people of all ages, abilities and wheeled sports equipment to use it safely and comfortably.


Various closed Pumptrack circuits are available, each with its own special features, making them unique and fun. In addition, several options are available, such as the possibility of connecting a Circuit to a Straight Line or another Circuit. Find out more to find the perfect solution for your play area.

PARK Edition modular Pumptrack features

New concept: exciting, fun, safe

  • Pumptracks are made up of several modules allowing a multitude of configurations, of superior quality where each part undergoes rigorous inspection before installation;
  • The structure is 100% steel and polymer-reinforced for enhanced longevity and durability;
  • Non-slip surface coating for improved grip, reducing the risk of falls;
  • Completely redesigned with wide bumps and curves, plus increased tread width;
  • Rounded edges and lowered circuit for a greater sense of safety for all users;
  • Possibility of displaying your logo or sponsors’ logos on the outside perimeter and/or running surface to help finance your course.

Get creative and customize your track!

Choose from 3 colors from the RAL chart and bring your Pumptrack track to life: the running surface, track edges and structure are fully customizable! You can also add a logo.

Ready to make the jump?

We currently have many circuits in stock for quick installation!

Want to give it a try?

Visit one of our many facilities near you!


Exactly! Pumptrack even enables less experienced users to develop their reflexes and acquire good driving habits. In this way, they enable users to feel more confident and act more safely once they're on the road.

In addition to improved construction, the Pumptrack PARK Edition also offers a wider track with rounded edges, adding to users' sense of comfort and safety. What's more, PARK Edition can be customized with your organization's logo and a wide choice of RAL colors!

Pumptracks are universally accessible (ADA), as they are suitable for everyone, regardless of skill level. They also encourage physical activity to maintain good health.

The risk of accidents is minimal, as all users drive in the same direction, intuitively.

It's an aesthetically modern structure designed to withstand the elements and any kind of climate, from the desert of Dubai to the harsh winters of Quebec!

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