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L’Accueil Elementary School Beauce

L’Accueil Elementary School


After more than two years of preparation, Scott’s L’Accueil elementary school was finally able to welcome students this fall!

Realized in collaboration with EVOQ Architecture, this ambitious project presents a totally reinvented schoolyard concept. The steep terrain was of course one of the major challenges, but it was also a great opportunity to create a dynamic and unique design!

The topography of the site has enabled the creation of a multi-level playground, featuring various swings, climbing, sliding and balancing equipment, as well as ground games and a multi-sports field.

The different levels are supported by concrete blocks reminiscent of the mythical LEGO blocks, designed by Marie-France Turgeon, landscape architect at EVOQ Architecture.

The huge coloured mound is covered with Matchwinner velour needlepunched sand dressed surface, with a resilient absorption layer underneath.

This means children can climb the mound again and again, without the surface deepening over time like a natural grass surface.

What’s more, the sand dressed surface allows quick visual contact with the children, making supervision easier, not to mention that the coloring and design provide the unique signature of this 2.0 schoolyard.

The multi-sports court, covered with Playrite’s Matchplay2 needlepunched sand dressed surface, provides a versatile sports area for basketball, soccer, tchoukball, handball and all kinds of other sports and games.It’s a space that will undoubtedly be favored by physical education teachers.

The high permeability of this surface is one of the advantages appreciated by the landscape design professionals associated with this unique project in the Beauce-Etchemin region.


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