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Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL)

Montreal-Trudeau International Airport (YUL)


Waiting seats with USB charging

For their new international pier, Montreal-Trudeau International Airport has opted for PLACE seats, a set of new-generation seats combining practicality and pleasure in an innovative, elegant design.

With wide armrests, spacious tablet armrests, floor storage space and, above all, plenty of personal space, these seats enable passengers to work, read or rest in comfort before their flight.

They also offer the option of plugging in USB devices for fast recharging.

Powered counters

EmBARq counters with charging modules from Arconas offer travellers an ideal place to take a break and recharge their electronic devices, or plug in their laptop and work or play while waiting for their flight.

Each counter is equipped with several USB-A, USB-C and AC sockets, as well as numerous wireless charging stations!

Sculptural wooden benches

To provide a waiting and relaxation area on the arrivals floor, Montreal-Trudeau International Airport opted for a Nova C series seating arrangement.

This magnificent “Y”-shaped assembly, with its mix of grey-tinted wood slats, combines the practical with the pleasurable in its elegant design.

Benches and planting pots

A selection of Arabesque modules has been installed in various locations throughout the airport, offering seating enhanced by a touch of greenery.

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