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Alaqsite’w Gitpu School

Alaqsite’w Gitpu School


When it came time for the Alaqsite’w Gitpu School to choose bleachers for their gymnasium, they decided to rely on Atmosphäre’s expertise in bleachers and stands.

After discussions with our specialists to identify the school’s needs and priorities, the choice was made for a large MAXAM telescopic grandstand, 37′ long, and two MAXAM 1 portable grandstands by Hussey.

This large telescopic grandstand with a central aisle is equipped with courtside seats and railings. The floor is finished with varnished plywood to ensure a clear, uniform look. The customized format of the MAXAM telescopic stand also made it possible to position it in a niche with a lower ceiling, while still meeting requirements in terms of space and seating capacity.

The two MAXAM 1 portable grandstands also offer a number of advantages: firstly, they’re easy to set up and remove, and don’t require dedicated personnel to install. Secondly, its small size when raised means it can even fit into an elevator or through a door frame, making it easy to install in different locations in your school (e.g. cafeteria, gymnasium, auditorium, agora, etc.).

For the Alaqsite’w Gitpu school, the choice of colors was yellow and blue. Since these stands are available in a wide range of colors, it’s easy to represent your corporate colors.

In the future, we’re sure that youngsters will be on the edge of their seats watching the exploits of the school basketball or volleyball team!

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